Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Backup your course at the end of the semester

Whew!  The semester is over, you have posted student grades to web services and now you are ready for a little break... NOT YET!  First, just so you have it in case you might need it, you will want to Backup your course from the semester with all student work and submissions, discussions and mail packaged all together in one place.

It's easy and here's how:

First click the Manage tab and find the option on the right side for Backup/Restore

If the course has been backed up before, it will be listed in this window.  It is still necessary to backup the information at the end of the semester.  Choose the Backup Now button to start the actual process.  

This window will give you a visual indication that the process is working.  
  • Wheels in progress look like small blue clocks; 
  • as it completes a function, the wheel turns green; 
  • functions not yet started are gray
Just be patient as this will take some time to backup your course and student work for the entire semester.  

When all the wheels are green, click the OK button.

Now the backed up course is listed on the page and you will need to download the backup to your hard drive or somewhere you have access and could use to restore if it became necessary (like on a CD).

When you click the Download Backup button, it will pop open a new window and ask you where to save the file (or it might just save to your desktop).  

Once it is saved, then you have completed the backup!  YAY!

NOTE:  This file is in an ANGEL backup format and you will not be able to just "see" the files from the course. If it becomes necessary to use the backup to access grades and student work, the file will be restored to the ANGEL server and THEN you will be able to see the information.