Monday, September 29, 2008

Configure Assessments

Configure is where you can put pertinent information for students so they know what to expect in an assessment, such as:
  • Instructions for how long they will have to complete the assessment
  • The number of questions available in the assessment
  • How many tries they have to complete the assessment
  • Information on whether you allow them to use their books during the assessment
  • Insert a graphic for use during a set of questions

Just exactly how do you use the Configure option?
  • Go to the assessment and click the title of the assessment
  • Look for the word "Configure" and click it
  • This opens a new window where you can set a title if you like (option) and insert Heading text
  • Heading text is where you put the information that will be viewable to students
  • NOTE:  Be sure to click the HTML Editor link just below the box BEFORE you begin keying information - this allows you some nice editing features
  • Click Save when you are finished

Now, when you click the Preview button, you should be able to see the information you just keyed in for students and your students will be happier because now they know what to expect!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Online Tutoring

The first several weeks are gone and now students are beginning to struggle.  Where do students turn for help with math or writing assignments?  For those of you teaching Success Orientation, you may want to pay special attention to the following information.

How about the Math and Writing Tutoring Groups!

The Math and Writing Tutoring Groups work a little differently than they have in the past.  Students who would like a little help with their math or writing can JOIN a Group in ANGEL.  Here is how they do it:

  • From the student personal home page, look for the nugget marked "Community Groups"
  • Click the "Find a group" link at the top of the box
  • Click the Search button - they do not have to fill in any other information, just click Search
  • Now they simply select Enroll (no PIN required) and they are a member of the group

It is that simple.  

Now, when they would like some help, they can go into the Tutoring Group and request help.

Certification Roster

It's time to Certify your roster. How do you check student activity in ANGEL so that you can go to Web Services and Certify? Here's how:
  • Click on the Report tab

  • On the Reports Console, make the following selections to create a report that gives you very specific information about student logins and activity in the online classroom

  1. Category -> Class
  2. Report -> Login Report
  3. Users -> Leave as All Users
  4. Starting -> Select a length of time to include the 3 days before actual class start date
  5. Select report view -> Drill Down
  6. Click the Run button to generate the report

If you want to see exactly when students have entered the classroom, you can click the plus sign next to the name and it will expand and show you excellent detail.

NOTE: When a student has “No Data” in the line, this means they have NOT entered the online classroom at all.

But remember: When cert-ing your roster for an online class, if a student has entered the classroom even ONE time, they have attended. It does not matter if they have participated or not.
Give us a call in ITDE (Jeff or Angela) if you have any questions!

Gradebook Settings

When you imported your ANGEL course to your live section did you check the settings in the gradebook?  If you chose "Points," it sometimes (and we don't know why),  changes it back to a "Percentage" setting.  

To check your settings in your live course, do this:
*Click the Manage tab
*Click Gradebook
*Click Preferences
*Check to see whether you are set for Percent or Points and select the one you prefer
*This will give you an error message you will want to ignore and just click OK
*Click Save (you don't want to have to do this all again, do you?)

That's it!

NOTE:  If you chose "Percent" to begin with, just ignore all that stuff above! :)

Hutchinson Community College ANGEL Wingtips

Hello to anyone who is interested in the ANGEL Wingtips for Hutchinson Community College!

We intend to send out a Wingtip every week or two to the entire HCC community and then post it right here for future reference.  

If you have a suggested Wingtip, please do post your suggestions and we will try to add that to our list.