Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Assessments - setting the Review options

Students have submitted an online quiz or test or exam by now but what happens after they have submitted?

In a face-to-face classroom, students are probably given their graded tests which they review and might take home or hand back to the instructor if the instructor wants to keep them secure.  But what happens in the online classroom to the online tests or quizzes or exams after students have completed them?  The answer is:  students have full review from the moment the test is graded unless the instructor hasset some limitations on what students can see and how long they can see.

And yes, this does apply to even proctored exams!  If the instructor has not set the review options properly, as soon as students have submitted they have full access to their tests!

There is a tab on the assessment tool called the Review tab and below is an explanation of many of the options:
This is what the Review tab looks like by default. 
Notice that everything is available once a student submits and the item is graded (if necessary).  If the item is self-grading, like in multiple choice tests, complete review (including question text and correct answers) is available for students to see the moment it is submitted.
NOTE:  Even if you have a proctored exam, if the Review information is set to the default choices, students can go back into the assessment, see all the questions and the answers and they can print.
Notice the first drop down choice:  View  Submission History
  • When this is set for Full review, it means what ist says - students can see everything they have submitted and all information about the submission
  • When List only is selected, the user may see a list summary of th eassessment including the number of points awarded and missed and an overall score
  • Disabled prevents the display of feedback upon submission of the assessment

 The second drop down choice is for Review Availability
  • When any of the 1st column of choices (Review begins, Review ends, Restrict review) are selected, there is a drop down menu of options at the far right side.
  • Instructors may set Review availability based on student submission, date the assessment is disabled (from the Interaction tab and NOT the Access tab dates!), or on a specific date.
  • The review availability can also be turned off by using options from the Review ends choice.
  • If Restrict review until all questions are graded is the choice and the assessment is a multiple choice test, this does not really restrict review since the questions are self-grading.
 Display Feedback is useful only if there actually IS feedback for the questions
  • Unless the instructor has taken the time to create feedback for correct and incorrect responses to questions, this option is not very useful
  • If the instructor has created meaningful feedback for questions, it can display
    • as soon as the assessment is complete, or
    • at the end of each question set and before the assessment is submitted or
    • the feedback can be disabled entirely.
The section which sets review feedback options display is Feedback Options:
  • To display the option, leave the check in the box
  • To disable the option, uncheck the box