Friday, September 7, 2012

Adding the Instructor Sheet and/or the Syllabus

Students are making more use of the online classroom than ever before.  If you want to make your official course syllabus and your instructor sheet available to them, here's how to accomplish that task.

We have an item called a Repository which is a library of information you may access and use.  The Repository for many useful items created for instructor use is located in the HCC Common Repository.  Here are the steps to add content from the Repository and import items for your course:

Add Syllabus link and/or Instructor Sheet link:
Choose Add Content from the Lessons tab
Select Import from Learning Object Repository
Click plus sign (+) next to HCC Common
  1. Click box (or boxes) in front of the one with your name for the Instructor Sheet and the Syllabus (first items in the list)
  2. Click the Copy Items button on the right

NOTE:  The links for both your instructor sheet and the syllabus will automatically (sometimes known as automagically) know what file to display with your specific information based on the course in ANGEL where you insert those links.
Click Continue (and be patient)
Click OK
Click Done
You should now see a link (or links) for the items you chose to copy - Instructor Sheet and/or Syllabus.

If you would like to watch a video that shows both of these items being added, click below:

And if you would like additional information about the HCC Instructor sheet, its purpose, where to edit the content and many other aspects, click this link for a "show me/try me" interactive learning space:   The HCC Instructor Sheet