Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Print Gradebook Grades

Do you want a printout of your gradebook at the end of the semester?  What is the easiest way to do this?  Here's how!

Go to the Manage tab of your course and select Gradebook

Go to the Manage tab of your course and select Gradebook
Now select the Print Grades option - this will create a nice PDF file of your gradebook grades that you can Save and/or Print.

That's all there is to it! If you have any additional questions, please contact Jeff or Angela and they will be happy to help!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Grading Scale

Grades, grades, GRADES!!!!!  This is the time of year when students are scrambling for those last few points to make the difference between a B and an A (or an F and a D!). 

So, about the grading scale...

If you normally would round 89.5 up to 90, you will want to go into your Grading Scale and tell the system you want to round. 

In ANGEL, if you set the bottom of the scale for an A equal to 90, then the system has a hard and fast rule that only grades that make 90 will be an A. 

Here is how to change your grading scale (if you want to):

*Click the Manage tab
*Click Gradebook
*Click Grading Scale 

*Choose Edit and change the Minimum Percent values

That's it!  It should now round your grades as you want!

If you have any questions, remember to contact Jeff or Angela.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Importing Master Course Content into the Live Section

Before you begin this process, you may want to check and make sure your master course is up-to-date.  Hint: Get rid of old dates!

To move your master (template) course content to your live section(s):

NOTE:  MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE LIVE COURSE (usually this is the course number with the two letters and a bunch of numbers following, such as AB100 016081S or something like that)

    • Click the Manage tab
    • Click Import Wizard
    • Click Master Course

    1. Click the drop down arrow in the Available Master Courses area and select YOUR master course which should have your name in the title and the word 'Template' (fully online) or 'WSTemplate' (web-supported) 
    2. De-select ONLY the box next to 'Migrate Quizzes to Assessments, leave the other boxes checked
    3. Click Import and be patient.  
    When all the circles are GREEN, you are finished.
    After the import is complete, remember to double check the gradebook settings and make sure the Preferences are as you wanted them (points gradebook or percentage gradebook).
    If you have any questions or are concerned about doing this for the first time, give one of us a call in ITDE and we will be happy to talk you through this step.  You can also just come to our offices and we will be happy to watch you as you do it and be your moral support. :)

    Monday, November 24, 2008

    Adding Zeros to the Gradebook

    Do you have students who have not turned in work but their grade does not reflect that fact? Do you need to enter a few zeros for assignments? How do you do that?

    Usually, when you grade st
    udent work, you grade it from the Lesson location - where it actually occurred - by clicking Utilities -> View, Grade or Delete and grading the items. This, then, transfers the grades from the assignment to the gradebook automatically. Voila! You are through! However, how do you enter a zero for an item that does not exist in the gradeable items area? This is one of the few instances you will actually go to the gradebook to enter grades. Here's how:

    • Click the Manage tab
    • Click Gradebook
    • Choose "By Assignment" under the "Enter/Edit Grade" heading

    • From the drop-down list on the new page, choose the assignment for which you want to add grades
    • Click the Go button

    • NOTE: Student grades are listed but there may also be some blank ones for those who have not turned in assignments 
    • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen to the Batch Update area - click in the second box and enter a zero (0)
    • In the large box, key in some generic message such as "Assignment not submitted"
    • Click the Batch Update button - this inserts a zero (0) in for all assignments that do not have grades listed and the message "Assignment not submitted" in the comment box
    • Click the Save button (or you will have to do this all over again)
    • If you want to enter grades for another assignment, look at the top of the screen - (1) choose the dropdown arrow and choose the assignment, then (2) click the Go button

    When you are all finished, click the Done button at the bottom of the screen.

    That's it! Remember, if you have any questions or would like Jeff or Angela to walk you through this, feel free to contact us either by phone or just drop in. Sometimes, we even have chocolate available!!!

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Linking Gradable Items to the Gradebook

    If you look at your gradebook and the items you intended to grade from the lessons, is everything listed in the gradebook?

    Each assignment your students complete should have its own column in the gradebook and its own gradable item (discussion, dropbox, assessment, etc.). This will make your life so much easier!! When you grade an item from the submission on the Lessons tab, it will automatically enter into the gradebook. How do you do this? Here's how!

    Linking the Lesson Item to a Gradebook column:
    • From the Lessons tab, go to the item you want students to complete or submit (discussion, dropbox, assessment, etc.)
    • Click the Settings tab
    • Look for the Assignment tab and click it
    • If under the Gradebook Settings it says "(None)", you will need to click the dropdown and select "(New Assignment)"
    • NOTE ABOUT "(NEW ASSIGNMENT)": ALWAYS CHOOSE NEW ASSIGNMENT TO ADD A GRADABLE ITEM TO THE GRADEBOOK (If you would like a little more detailed explanation, give Jeff or Angela a call and they will be happy to explain).
    • Then select the options to make this item fit in your gradebook properly, such as the category, how many points it is worth, and the Calculation Type
    • NOTE ABOUT THE CALCULATION TYPE: We recommend you choose Last Submission because this will allow you to go back to a graded item and adjust if necessary. If you choose First Submission, even if you need to change a grade you will not be able to make that change.
    • Click SAVE (or you will get to do all this over again!)

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    How Students Check Their Grades

    How do students check their grades? Have you had this question from your students? Here are a couple of ways:
    Way 1:
    • Look at the Grades nugget on the Course Home Page
    • Click the Refresh button in the bottom of the box to see the most current scores
    • When a student clicks in the grades box, it will automatically open the Report tab for additional detail
    Way 2:
    • For very specific information, click the Report tab
    • Under Category, select Grades
    • Click Run
    • Scroll down the page to see the detailed report of assignments, grades and comments
    You, as the instructor can see copious detail about all of your students. Students, however, can only see their own information so you have no worries about privacy issues.
    So you have a couple of cool things going for you with the ANGEL gradebook:
    1. First, ANGEL does all the calculations for you and keeps a running tally of the students' scores and
    2. Second, it meets FERPA regulations. A win-win situation!

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Configure Assessments

    Configure is where you can put pertinent information for students so they know what to expect in an assessment, such as:
    • Instructions for how long they will have to complete the assessment
    • The number of questions available in the assessment
    • How many tries they have to complete the assessment
    • Information on whether you allow them to use their books during the assessment
    • Insert a graphic for use during a set of questions

    Just exactly how do you use the Configure option?
    • Go to the assessment and click the title of the assessment
    • Look for the word "Configure" and click it
    • This opens a new window where you can set a title if you like (option) and insert Heading text
    • Heading text is where you put the information that will be viewable to students
    • NOTE:  Be sure to click the HTML Editor link just below the box BEFORE you begin keying information - this allows you some nice editing features
    • Click Save when you are finished

    Now, when you click the Preview button, you should be able to see the information you just keyed in for students and your students will be happier because now they know what to expect!

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Online Tutoring

    The first several weeks are gone and now students are beginning to struggle.  Where do students turn for help with math or writing assignments?  For those of you teaching Success Orientation, you may want to pay special attention to the following information.

    How about the Math and Writing Tutoring Groups!

    The Math and Writing Tutoring Groups work a little differently than they have in the past.  Students who would like a little help with their math or writing can JOIN a Group in ANGEL.  Here is how they do it:

    • From the student personal home page, look for the nugget marked "Community Groups"
    • Click the "Find a group" link at the top of the box
    • Click the Search button - they do not have to fill in any other information, just click Search
    • Now they simply select Enroll (no PIN required) and they are a member of the group

    It is that simple.  

    Now, when they would like some help, they can go into the Tutoring Group and request help.

    Certification Roster

    It's time to Certify your roster. How do you check student activity in ANGEL so that you can go to Web Services and Certify? Here's how:
    • Click on the Report tab

    • On the Reports Console, make the following selections to create a report that gives you very specific information about student logins and activity in the online classroom

    1. Category -> Class
    2. Report -> Login Report
    3. Users -> Leave as All Users
    4. Starting -> Select a length of time to include the 3 days before actual class start date
    5. Select report view -> Drill Down
    6. Click the Run button to generate the report

    If you want to see exactly when students have entered the classroom, you can click the plus sign next to the name and it will expand and show you excellent detail.

    NOTE: When a student has “No Data” in the line, this means they have NOT entered the online classroom at all.

    But remember: When cert-ing your roster for an online class, if a student has entered the classroom even ONE time, they have attended. It does not matter if they have participated or not.
    Give us a call in ITDE (Jeff or Angela) if you have any questions!

    Gradebook Settings

    When you imported your ANGEL course to your live section did you check the settings in the gradebook?  If you chose "Points," it sometimes (and we don't know why),  changes it back to a "Percentage" setting.  

    To check your settings in your live course, do this:
    *Click the Manage tab
    *Click Gradebook
    *Click Preferences
    *Check to see whether you are set for Percent or Points and select the one you prefer
    *This will give you an error message you will want to ignore and just click OK
    *Click Save (you don't want to have to do this all again, do you?)

    That's it!

    NOTE:  If you chose "Percent" to begin with, just ignore all that stuff above! :)

    Hutchinson Community College ANGEL Wingtips

    Hello to anyone who is interested in the ANGEL Wingtips for Hutchinson Community College!

    We intend to send out a Wingtip every week or two to the entire HCC community and then post it right here for future reference.  

    If you have a suggested Wingtip, please do post your suggestions and we will try to add that to our list.