Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Linking Gradable Items to the Gradebook

If you look at your gradebook and the items you intended to grade from the lessons, is everything listed in the gradebook?

Each assignment your students complete should have its own column in the gradebook and its own gradable item (discussion, dropbox, assessment, etc.). This will make your life so much easier!! When you grade an item from the submission on the Lessons tab, it will automatically enter into the gradebook. How do you do this? Here's how!

Linking the Lesson Item to a Gradebook column:
  • From the Lessons tab, go to the item you want students to complete or submit (discussion, dropbox, assessment, etc.)
  • Click the Settings tab
  • Look for the Assignment tab and click it
  • If under the Gradebook Settings it says "(None)", you will need to click the dropdown and select "(New Assignment)"
  • NOTE ABOUT "(NEW ASSIGNMENT)": ALWAYS CHOOSE NEW ASSIGNMENT TO ADD A GRADABLE ITEM TO THE GRADEBOOK (If you would like a little more detailed explanation, give Jeff or Angela a call and they will be happy to explain).
  • Then select the options to make this item fit in your gradebook properly, such as the category, how many points it is worth, and the Calculation Type
  • NOTE ABOUT THE CALCULATION TYPE: We recommend you choose Last Submission because this will allow you to go back to a graded item and adjust if necessary. If you choose First Submission, even if you need to change a grade you will not be able to make that change.
  • Click SAVE (or you will get to do all this over again!)

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