Monday, October 20, 2008

How Students Check Their Grades

How do students check their grades? Have you had this question from your students? Here are a couple of ways:
Way 1:
  • Look at the Grades nugget on the Course Home Page
  • Click the Refresh button in the bottom of the box to see the most current scores
  • When a student clicks in the grades box, it will automatically open the Report tab for additional detail
Way 2:
  • For very specific information, click the Report tab
  • Under Category, select Grades
  • Click Run
  • Scroll down the page to see the detailed report of assignments, grades and comments
You, as the instructor can see copious detail about all of your students. Students, however, can only see their own information so you have no worries about privacy issues.
So you have a couple of cool things going for you with the ANGEL gradebook:
  1. First, ANGEL does all the calculations for you and keeps a running tally of the students' scores and
  2. Second, it meets FERPA regulations. A win-win situation!

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