Monday, September 29, 2008

Configure Assessments

Configure is where you can put pertinent information for students so they know what to expect in an assessment, such as:
  • Instructions for how long they will have to complete the assessment
  • The number of questions available in the assessment
  • How many tries they have to complete the assessment
  • Information on whether you allow them to use their books during the assessment
  • Insert a graphic for use during a set of questions

Just exactly how do you use the Configure option?
  • Go to the assessment and click the title of the assessment
  • Look for the word "Configure" and click it
  • This opens a new window where you can set a title if you like (option) and insert Heading text
  • Heading text is where you put the information that will be viewable to students
  • NOTE:  Be sure to click the HTML Editor link just below the box BEFORE you begin keying information - this allows you some nice editing features
  • Click Save when you are finished

Now, when you click the Preview button, you should be able to see the information you just keyed in for students and your students will be happier because now they know what to expect!

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