Monday, December 1, 2008

Importing Master Course Content into the Live Section

Before you begin this process, you may want to check and make sure your master course is up-to-date.  Hint: Get rid of old dates!

To move your master (template) course content to your live section(s):

NOTE:  MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE LIVE COURSE (usually this is the course number with the two letters and a bunch of numbers following, such as AB100 016081S or something like that)

    • Click the Manage tab
    • Click Import Wizard
    • Click Master Course

    1. Click the drop down arrow in the Available Master Courses area and select YOUR master course which should have your name in the title and the word 'Template' (fully online) or 'WSTemplate' (web-supported) 
    2. De-select ONLY the box next to 'Migrate Quizzes to Assessments, leave the other boxes checked
    3. Click Import and be patient.  
    When all the circles are GREEN, you are finished.
    After the import is complete, remember to double check the gradebook settings and make sure the Preferences are as you wanted them (points gradebook or percentage gradebook).
    If you have any questions or are concerned about doing this for the first time, give one of us a call in ITDE and we will be happy to talk you through this step.  You can also just come to our offices and we will be happy to watch you as you do it and be your moral support. :)

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