Friday, December 5, 2008

Grading Scale

Grades, grades, GRADES!!!!!  This is the time of year when students are scrambling for those last few points to make the difference between a B and an A (or an F and a D!). 

So, about the grading scale...

If you normally would round 89.5 up to 90, you will want to go into your Grading Scale and tell the system you want to round. 

In ANGEL, if you set the bottom of the scale for an A equal to 90, then the system has a hard and fast rule that only grades that make 90 will be an A. 

Here is how to change your grading scale (if you want to):

*Click the Manage tab
*Click Gradebook
*Click Grading Scale 

*Choose Edit and change the Minimum Percent values

That's it!  It should now round your grades as you want!

If you have any questions, remember to contact Jeff or Angela.

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