Monday, February 2, 2009

Gradebook (Part IV) Creating gradeable items for the gradebook

Decision #4 – How are you going to evaluate students?

Whatever you intend for them to turn in to you for grading needs to be attached to or created in the gradebook.

There are two scenarios for attaching items to the gradebook.

Scenario 1: students submit assignments electronically such as via a dropbox or an online quiz or assessment. 

NOTE: If you are receiving electronic submissions from students as they use the drop box, assessment tool, discussion forum or other ANGEL generated learning activity, this is the way to connect the activity to the gradebook.
  • Go to the Assignment
  • Select Settings
  • Select the Assignment tab
  • Under the Gradebook Settings dropdown, select "New Assignment" EVERY time you add a new assignment to the gradebook
These steps will automatically add a column in the gradebook with the name of the Assignment.
But, what about getting the grade into the gradebook? Look at the next diagram...

Now, when you grade submissions at the lesson level, the grade will automatically populate into the gradebook.


Scenario 2:  ANGEL is used as web-support for a face-to-face class and all assignments are handed physically in for the instructor to grade manually.

In this case, you will NOT connect items to the gradebook in the manner above but will manually add them to the gradebook from the Manage tab.

Click the Manage tab
Choose "2. Assignments" from the right side of the screen
This pops open a new window with a list of current assignments.

When you want to add a new assignment, click the Add New button and the Assignment Editor will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Look at the diagram for an explanation of the choices to create a new assignment.

When you are ready to enter grades, go back to the Manage tab and choose By Assignment from the left side.

Now choose the assignment for which you want to enter grades.

Finally, enter the grades by using either the Percentage box or the Points box.  You may also add any comments you want for the individual student to see.

Once you have entered the grades, make sure to click the SAVE button!

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