Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anonymous submissions on assessments

Welcome back to a new school year!  This is the first of the Wednesday Wingtips for 2010-2011.
There were a number of updates back in May during upgrade weekend. As a result, there were a couple of system settings that also changed.   This Wingtip will save you some grief!  Really!

Before your first quiz/exam/test using the Assessment tool in ANGEL, you will want to check the Settings and make sure the Interactions are set correctly.  For certain, check to see that student submissions are NOT set to anonymous!
  • Find an item utilizing the assessment tool .  Most of the time, these are assessments, exams or quizzes.
  • Look directly under the assessment for your options and select "Settings."

  • Once you click Settings, you may receive a message that looks like this one.  If you do see this message, pick the second option - "Set User Tracking to Everyone and uncheck Make submissions anonymous."
  • NOTE:  If you pick the first option, when students take your assessment you will not know who took it or what grade they made as it will NEVER show in the gradebook.  Also, this information CANNOT be retroactively retrieved so you definitely want to check this setting BEFORE anyone takes your assessment!!

  • To make certain this happened correctly, go to the Interaction tab and check that the box in front of "Make submissions anonymous" is NOT checked!!!
  • Be sure and click the SAVE button or you will have to do this all over again!
  • Repeat for all of your assessments.

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