Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guide - Tasks

As an instructor, you may use the Guide and its various views to help you navigate and monitor your online or web-supported course.  We are not sure why the change, but occasionally the Discussions do not show up on that list.  If you would like the Discussions to show up, here's how to make that happen.

Does your Guide - Tasks pane look like this?  Are you missing your Unread Discussions list?
First, go to a Discussion forum and click the Settings button
Choose the Interaction tab
Make sure to choose the Advanced radio button
Look down the screen until you see the Task Notifications area
If there is not a check next to "Unread Posts", make sure to put one there!
Click Save when you are done
Now you should see the Unread Discussion Posts in the Guide - Tasks pane!
Repeat Steps 1-3 above for all of your discussions if you want them to show in the Guide - Tasks pane.

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