Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Certify your Roster

How to certify your roster 
This Wingtip will give you instructions about using ANGEL to run a report for your online course and then how to go to Web Services and formally certify your course.
To begin the process, you will need to run a report in ANGEL for your online course.  Remember, if a student has entered the online classroom even ONE time, you must count them as having attended whether they have completed any assignments or not.  There are other places to note those students who are not keeping up with their work.
Go to the ANGEL classroom and choose the Report tab
Once at the Report tab, make the following choices:
  1. Change the Category  to Class
  2. Change the Report to Login Report
  3. Choose the starting date of your course - remember to include the 3 days before the actual course starts as that is when students have access
  4. Make sure the Report View is on Drill Down
  5. Click the Run button once it is all set as listed above
  6. Look at the generated report and if there is any time listed next to a student name, they have entered the online classroom.  If you see the phrase "No data" next to their name, they have not entered the online classroom and you will want to note that for the Web Services Course Certification.

 Once you have run the report and know who has entered the online classroom and who has not, you will need to go to Web Services to officially certify your course roster.

Go to Web Services and key in your login and password
If you cannot access Web Services, contact someone in Tech Support and they will be able to assist you.
Hover over the Faculty choice on the menu bar and a drop down will appear.  Select Course Roster from the list.
     To find your course, the easiest way is to
  • select the proper semester term
  • choose the radio button next to "My Courses" and then
  • click the Get Courses button.
   Now, be patient a bit...
Once your list of courses appears, select the course you need to certify.  It will then display this screen.
Notice on the lower left side is a button for Roster Certification.  Click this button when you are ready to certify your course.
NOTE:  The Roster Certification button is only available during a specific time period.  If you miss the deadline for certifying your course, you will have to do a manual process. 
When you click the Roster Certification button, you will see a screen similar to this. 
  • If a student has entered your online class, put a check in the box next to their name. 
  • If they have not entered your online class, leave the box blank.
Once you have made the proper selections, click the "I Agree" button.
NOTE:  Once you identify a student as having not entered the online classroom, they will be dropped from the course.  Be VERY careful when running the report to make sure you include all dates the students could have accessed the course!!!  Otherwise, it can become a mess!!!
After you select "I Agree" you will see a popup window which is a Certification Receipt.  You may want to print this to keep for your records.

That's it!  Your course is now Certified and the Records office will be very happy, indeed! :)

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