Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are students reading your ANGEL mail messages? How do you tell?

Do you ever wonder if your students actually read the emails you so painstakingly create?  Is there a way to tell if a student (or group of students) has read your messages?
If you send students messages using the ANGEL mail, then the answer is YES!  So, how do you tell?

  1. Go to the Course Mail and select the Sent mail folder (on the left side) to display all of the mail you have sent and are wondering about
  2. Put a check in the box in front of the messages where you want to see if students have read them
  3. From the Action dropdown menu, select "Message Read By"
  4. Click the Go button
  • This pops open a new window with the messages you selected.
  • If a student has read your email, there will be a plus sign (+) in a box in front of the Source
  • If a student has NOT read your email, there will not be anything in front of the Source
  • NOTE:  At the bottom of the list is the statement "List users that have read selected messages" and a Refresh button.  If you want to see who has NOT read your messages, click the dropdown next to "have" and change it to "have not" and press the  Refresh button.
  • If there is a plus sign in front of the Source message, click it.
  • This will display when you sent the message (date and time) and any recipient(s) and the date and time when they opened the message
  • NOTE:  If you use the "All Students" option when sending an email to the entire class, the source will display ALL of your students in that course under the Recipient list and you will be able to tell when each individual looked at the message (or not!) you sent

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