Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reorder Assignments in the Gradebook

Each assignment has a column in the gradebook but sometimes they get out of order if you add a new one or delete one you no longer want to use.  The problem is:  How do you reorder those assignments?
Reordering assignment columns is a bit obscure but not difficult.  Here's how!

  • Go to the Manage tab
  • Choose Categories
  • Select the category of assignments that is out of order - this will insert a green check mark in the box in front of the category - in this case, the Homework category is the one that is out of order
  • Once you have selected the category, click the Show Tasks button
  • Look below the buttons and now there should be a list like this one
  • Choose Reorder Assignments
  • Notice in the left figure, Drop Box 4 is out of order
  • Select Drop Box 4 (it will highlight blue)
  • Then click the Up or Down button - in this case click the Down button as many times as necessary to move Drop Box 4 to the bottom of the list
  • The figure on the right displays the result after moving Drop Box 4 to the bottom of the list
  • Click the SAVE button (or you will have to do this all over again!)
  • Now, when you look at the list of assignments, Drop Box 4 is in the correct order!
  • Easy-peasy! (but obscure)

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