Monday, April 11, 2011

Training Calendar at HCC

20 hours
20 hours of training per year?  20 HOURS OF TRAINING PER YEAR!?!?!?!  Were you aware there is a Training Calendar at HCC you can actually check and see what is available?  Haven't heard of that one, huh?  Here's how to access it:
  • Log in to Web Services and hover over the Employee menu
  • Slide down to the Training option
  • Click on the Training Calendar
  • The Training Calendar appears!
  • If you are interested in more information about any particular training, click on the Title of the topic
  • When you click on the topic from the calendar, a new window appears with more information.
  • Notice across the top are choices.  Probably the nicest two options are:
    • Save to Calendar (adds to your GroupWise calendar)
    • Email Reminder (GroupWise emails a reminder about the event)
  • What a fast and easy way to find training to fulfill your 20 hours per year!

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