Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Using the HCC Common Learning Object Repository (LOR)

Have you wondered if there is an easy place to find some common items for your online or web-supported classroom - things such as Frequently Asked Questions about ANGEL, who to contact when you have problems, instructor sheets, and how to drop an online class?  The answer is YES!  In ITDE, we have created a Learning Object Repository (LOR) with all kinds of documents you might want in your Start Here folder.  The question is:  How do you access those items?  Here's how!

Once you create your Start Here folder, at the top of the screen click the Add Content link.  Look about halfway down the list to find "Import from Learning Object Repository" and choose that option.

This pops open a new window where you can select the LOR you desire to access.

Choose the dropdown next to Section and choose the Repository: HCC Common.  Then click the Browse button.

Now, you will see a list of folders in the HCC Common Repository.  You may feel free to link to or copy any of the items in this list.  But first, you will want to open the folder to see what is in the folder.  

Click on the TITLE of the folder to open it.

When you click on the Start Here title, this is the list that shows.  If you click on the icon in front of the title, it pops open a preview window so you can see what the item looks like.  When you find an item you would like to include in your Start Here folder, it is time to make a decision:  Link or  Copy?

When to use Link:  
In general, choose Link when you do not need to change the information to personalize it for you or your class.  Some items you might choose to link would include Netiquette Guidelines, Technical or Instructional, Important Phone Numbers and How to drop an online course.

When to use Copy:
Choose copy when you need to make changes to the information so it makes sense for your class.  You can modify any of the documents by choosing copy, such as Books.  If you copy the Books page, it is set up for you to simply paste a picture of your book, the title and other pertinent information to replace the information listed. 

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