Saturday, April 18, 2009

Add images to your ANGEL pages!

All of the content for your course is ready but it feels like it is missing something... PICTURES!!!  How do you add pictures to content in ANGEL?  Before beginning this process, you will need to have some pictures or other graphics saved on  your computer or flash drive to insert in your pages.

First, click Settings to get to the edit-able screen.  Where do you want the picture inserted?  Place your cursor where you want the picture to go then find the little yellow box on the formatting toolbar.

When you click the little yellow button, a new window will pop up

Since there is no image yet, click the Browse button to find an image - this will pop up another window.

Browse to find the picture or graphic and then click the Open button.  This action takes you back to the previous window.  After the file is located, it still needs to be (1) uploaded and then (2) selected for use.  

Make sure after uploading to actually click the title of the image.  This action will close this window and take you back to the first popup window.  Notice the numbers on the image - below is an explanation of each.
  1. Width and Height is very important because if they are too large, the image will take a long time to load and take up too much space on the screen.  It is best if the width and height are100-300.
  2. HSpace adds a little white space around the picture so the text characters are not mashed up against the picture.
  3. Align allows for word wrapping around the image or placing the image at the top or the bottom, etc.  Experiment with the alignment to find the one you like best.
After making all those choices, now the finished product looks like this:

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